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February 4, 2023
Forex education

What Is a MACD Indicator? How to Use it in Crypto Trading

  • November 16, 2021
  • 6 min read

How to Use the MACD Indicator

For this, we need to understand how a MACD bearish divergence or bullish divergence MACD is created. Convergence and divergence are the visual discrepancies between the price and the indicator, or in this case the moving averages of the indicator. Every day brings a whole host of headlines about the financial markets. Get daily investment insights and analysis from our financial experts.

How to Use the MACD Indicator

To identify good entries and exits for higher timeframe trends. The reason I say higher timeframe is because we normally see more false signals on the lower timeframe as the result of choppier behavior. This is also why the MACD is not as effective in ranging environments. The time frames for MACD’s moving averages, for example, may be insufficient for short-term traders looking to trade on quick price movements that aren’t easily captured by MACD. Even when overbought or oversold conditions develop, this doesn’t always lead to forex pairs correcting right away. Conditions can remain at the extremes for a long time, which can frustrate traders looking for short-term trading windows.

How Do I Calculate MACD?

Therefore, it is essential to understand its weaknesses, as well as compensate for its shortcomings by analyzing price action. Indeed, using a divergence signal as a forecasting tool can be relatively unreliable. A divergence trade is not as error-free as it appears in hindsight since past data will only include successful divergence signals. Therefore, visual inspection of past chart data won’t give any insight into failed divergences since they no longer appear as a divergence.

  • A positive MACD value indicates upward price trend while a negative MACD value indicates a downward price trend.
  • Any research provided does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and needs of any specific person who may receive it.
  • When MACD is above the signal line, the histogram is positive, and vice versa.
  • The MACD uses three exponential moving averages to show price momentum.
  • Traders should aim to stay with the trend and not get stopped out by every minor pullback along the way.

Traders use the MACD’s histogram to identify when bullish or bearish momentum is high—and possibly overbought/oversold. Using a divergence signal as a forecasting tool is questionable. A divergence trade is not as accurate as it appears in hindsight because past data will only include successful divergence signals.

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Tradingview displays the 12-period EMA as a red line and the 26-period EMA as a blue line. A negative value takes place when the 12-period EMA lies below the 26-period EMA. A crossover is a tipping point when buyers or sellers change their position in the market. Like a pendulum, momentum swings from one direction to the other, bullish or bearish. When making a MACD technical analysis, the most simple way to look at it is by stating that crossovers are sell and buy signals. An exponential moving average is a type of moving average that places a greater weight and significance on the most recent data points.

How do you read MACD 12 26 9?

  1. The 12 represents a moving average of the previous 12 bars.
  2. The 26 represents a moving average of the previous 26 bars.
  3. The 9 represents a moving average of the difference between the two moving averages above.

I apologize for my ignorance, will this work for trading crypto? I want to draw thousand of lines on a million charts to make a billion dollars but have no clue on how to start.

Bonus: How to Avoid Mistakes When Trading with MACD

Although it seems the indicator is complicated, it’s not true. Use it several times, and you won’t have any difficulties catching a signal. All investing incurs risk, including but not limited to loss of principal. Before an order is eligible to be sent for execution, it must pass through a broker’s pre-trade risk check to ensure the order is not violating any pre-determined thresholds. This rule is known as Rule 15c3-5, but what is this rule exactly?

  • This shows that traders should wait for the price action to show signs of changing its trend before acting on the MACD divergences.
  • Appel highlights how two MACD indicators can be used during strong trends, with the more sensitive one being used for entries and the less sensitive one being used for exits.
  • This method should be used carefully, as the delayed nature means that fast, choppy markets would often see the signals issued too late.
  • When MACD forms highs or lows that that exceed the corresponding highs and lows on the price, it is called a divergence.
  • Consequently any person acting on it does so entirely at their own risk.

On the other hand, if the time frames are chosen to give fewer signals, a large part of the trend could be missed as the indicator will be slow in identifying reversals. The goal should be to enter the position early as the new uptrend starts and remain with the position until a trend reversal is signaled. If the indicator gives too many signals, there will be several unwanted trades which will incur large commissions and be emotionally draining.

Common Mistakes: How NOT to use the MACD indicator

See in the example below where price shows a lower low, while MACD shows a higher low. When the MACD line and signal line are rising together it’s considered bullish and conveys increasing positive momentum.

How to Use the MACD Indicator

Below is a chart of Cummins Inc with seven centerline crossovers in five months. In contrast to Pulte Homes, these signals would have resulted in numerous whipsaws because How to Use the MACD Indicator strong trends did not materialize after the crossovers. The risks of loss from investing in CFDs can be substantial and the value of your investments may fluctuate.

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